ZGYX-416/416-1 Split Open-pit Downhole Drill


This type deploys double motors rotary head and rotary speed adjustable multi-way valve. The swing torque is up to 1950N.m, which satisifies the requirement of φ76 drill stem and 130 drill hole.


It satisfy the drill hold requirement of soft rock formation;

416 type of machine has engineering track and plunger motor;

It has a more strong grade ability, a more stable and reliable quality;

This type of machine has the best configuration among the similar types.

Technical Specification

Diesel engine parameters:

Drilling rig model Power Rated power
ZGYX-416 YC4DK80 58kW
ZGYX-416-1 YC4DK80 58kW(standard dry dust collector)

General parameters:

Type of drill stem φ60×3,000mm
Drill stem diameter φ90-127mm
Working torque 1,950N.m
Swing speed 0-150rpm
Propullsion 15 kN
Elevating power 25 kN
Propulsion type Oil cylinder chain
Walking speed 2.5km/h
Gradeability 25º
Total weight 4,500kg/4,250kg
Transport size(LxWxH) 4,900×2,000×2,200