Small Medium Dumper


Small medium dumper is a type of surface dumper, which is used in the small and medium-sized mines, and has small capacity and low price.



Good pass ability:

Compact structure, small turning radius, extremely flexible.

Good safety:

Special anti-skid tires, with strong obstacle-crossing ability and good safety.

Strong power:

Strong power, large torque, excellent climbing and starting performance.

Strong bearing capacity:

The vehicle is designed scientifically and rationally according to the design concept of the mining vehicle, and the bearing capacity is 1.5 times that of ordinary road vehicles.

Application scopeStructure

Small medium dumper is used in the small and medium-sized mines.

Technical Specification

Capacity(m³) Motorpower(kW) Size(L×W×H mm) Weight(t)
2.2 46 4550×630×1450 3.5
4.3 81 5350×1770×1750 4.5
5.2 90 4920×2150×1750 4.8
6.3 118 5800×2250×1990 5.5
7.4 118 6400×2230×2050 6.2