Tipping-bucket Mine Car


Tipping-bucket mine car is a narrow gauge railway transport vehicle for transporting the bulk materials in the mine, such as ore, ballasted stone.

According to the different structure and unloading method, the mine car can be divided into tipping-bucket mine car, solid-bottom wagon mine car, single-side curved rail dumping car, drop-bottom car.


1. The tipping-bucket mine car does not need any auxiliary facilities, it can turn around automatically, flexible and light;

2. The frame is a metal structure, which can withstand the collision force among traction, ultromotivity, mine car and the rail impact force;

3. This type of mine car has the firm structure, beautiful appearance, reliable performance, flexible and smooth operation;

4. The car frame adopts the rivet welding structure, which reduces the stress on the car and increases the use of car;

5. The mine car can keep run smoothly in the curve or straight.

Application scopeStructure

This series of mine cars are widely used in the transportation of underground and surface material, such as coal, iron ore and phosphate mine.

Technical Specification

Model Volume m3 Nominal loading capacity kg Maximum loading kg Track gauge mm Length mm Breadth mm Height mm Wheel base mm Wheel diameter mm Haule height mm Pulling power KN Minimum plane operating radius m Curb weight kg Unloading angle °
KFU0.75-6 0.75 1800 1800 600 1700 980 1250 600 300 320 60 9 ≤740 ≥40°
KFU1.0-6 1.0 2000 2500 600 1970 1070 1250 600 300 320 60 9 ≤680 ≥40°